POST data

1. Instrumentation on the Twin Otter aircraft during POST flights. Color Code indicates instrument performance: green data collected; yellow some data collected, red no data collected.


2. 50-hz POST Sc data of temperature T'(dT) and liquid water content LWC' differences between cloud holes and adjacent cloud unaffected by entrainment.


TO8 TO10 TO12

TO13 TO14 TO15


3. Average entrainment mass flux (Fe) of water in 10-m layers below cloud top. Horizontal lines indicate +/- one standard deviation of measurement variability.

FigTO1 FigTO2 FigTO5

FigTO6 FigTO7 FigTO8

FigTO9 FigTO12 FigTO14

FigTO15 FigTO16 FigTO17

4. Cloud top as a function of Twin Otter flight time during the quasi-Lagrangian flight pattern.

CloudTopTO1 CloudTopTO2 CloudTopTO3

CloudTopTO5 CloudTopTO6 CloudTopTO7

CloudTopTO8 CloudTopTO9 CloudTopTO10

CloudTopTO12 CloudTopTO13 CloudTopTO14

CloudTopTO15 CloudTopTO16 CloudTopTO17

5. Details of flight TO13. Red data for delta T are outside the quasi-Lagrangian pattern. Red data for delta q_v are when the top of the aircraft porpoise saw drier air above the moist layer adjacent to cloud top.